Saturday, 12 November 2011

Decoupage paper/tissue

1. Decoupage paper - each paper same size as wrapping paper : RM17/piece






2. Decoupage tissue - Big size : RM2/piece



DT03 (top left to right: a, b, c) (bottom left to right: d, e, f) 

DT04 (TOP left to right: a, b, c; BOTTOM left to right: a, b, c)




Item for sale / Readymade

1. Wooden tray - RM59

2. Home decor plaqe - RM69

3. Decor candle - RM45

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kendi / Washer

Handpainted by Wani

Craft supply

in our store, we do sell
- acrylic paint ( brand Jo Sonja, Americana, Plaid)
- Varnish (decoupage varnish, satin varnish, gloss varnish, matte varnish)
- Gesso
- Sealer
- background color (antique background,  etc)
- Other medium ( retarder, clear glaze medium, magic mix)
- brush cleaner 

1. brush tub - come in 2 sizes. It comes with palette paper

Round shape - RM 39.90

Square shape - RM 49.90

2. Brushes (Loew Cornell) & Stylus

Stylus: currently out of stock

    - angular size 1/8 : RM
    - angular size 1/4 : RM
    - angular size 3/8 : RM
    - angular size 1/2 : RM
    - flat  size : RM
    - filbert size : RM
    - round size : RM
    - liner size : RM

Loew Cornel angular brush (white) filbert brush (yellow)

3. Acrylic Paint

* For Jo Sonja color chart, click here
   Series 1 (170ml) = RM 17.90
   Series II (170ml) = RM 25.90
   Series III (170ml) = RM 29.90  

* For Americana color chart, click here

   Acrylic paint (59ml) = RM 12.90/bottle
   Americana Cracker/Gold (59ml)= RM 16.90/bottle

* For Folkart/Plaid color chart, click here or here

   Acrylic paint (59ml) = RM /bottle

4. Background Color

* For Jo Sonja background color chart, click here

  Background color 250ml = RM 32.90/bottle
  Vintage Collection = RM 134.90/set (each set 12 bottles)

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

handpainted by Jija's Lovely Cottage

Wooden tray


Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Switch plaque

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Teapot tissue holder

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Faidil's Cottage Signage

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Tissue Box

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Baiti Jannati signage

Handpainted by Pink Vintage

Roses on Caddy

handpainted by Pink Vintage